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Thank you for your interest in learning more about my work as
a Communication Specialist and Empowerment Coach!

If you'd like to speak with me, I can be reached at 516-522-0573


To schedule a FREE 20-30 minute phone consultation, click below:


If you are experiencing difficulties with being confident' and would like
to use your consultation time determine where you are being effected:


 Click to download your FREE copy of Your Personal Confidence Assessment,



This powerful tool will help you pinpoint your strengths and identify areas in your life which being confident is challenging for you.


Tvaluable tips and strategies on communicating more effectively in your relationships
and special invitations to join my powerful online programs and events!



If you are interested learning what it would be like to work with me:

Schedule your FREE 20 minute phone consultation today!

Contact me at:

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Best of luck on your journey!

Joan Stenzler LCSW, SEP

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