Without Determination, Nothing Happens

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even with the best of intentions, unless you're determined to see a challenging situation to the finish line, you will sabotage your own chance for success

So it's really important to know what blocks your determination from being consistent and strong. with this awareness ,you can take necessary steps to remove them and clear a path for a more successful and satisfying life! 

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    It's time to figure out what's getting in your way of being able to: 

  • speak with ease instead of feeling ambivalent and then, hesitating

  • express what you think and ask for what you need, with confidence 

  • say no to situations that don't align with the essence of who you are 

  • create a clear path forward to become more confident and resilient

When you identify what's preventing you from expressing yourself in a confident and authentic way, you know where the obstacles are and can develop a plan to remove them.  

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But just because you know why you are stuck doesn't mean that you will know how to free yourself from the burden of fear, worry and doubt that can drag you down....

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So what can you do once you know what is in your way but cannot figure out how to clear your mind, your energy and your life so they begin to flow smoothly and with less effort?

Solutions are waiting for you in the Women's Empowerment Incubator,
a warm and caring wise women's community, a virtual space that is welcoming & supportive to women who are learning to be empowered!

Join Joan Stenzler, Communication Specialist & Empowerment Coach and other wise and inspiring women who will help you identify what's getting in your way, let go of old
self-defeating habits and show you ways to become more emotionally free! 

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Harness the Power of Determination:

Strengthen your Resolve, Consistency and Implementation and Become a More

Confident and Assertive Woman!

(click here to download the course outline)

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An Online Women's Empowerment Infusion Experience
Weds from 6:30-8 pm on Zoom



       What you’ll gain from attending this course:

  • Drill down and discover the 4 top fears about being confident

  • ID 5 common perfection traps that prevent you taking action

  • Examine the top 3 reasons you’ve hesitated to step out boldly

  • Explore the 5 debilitating beliefs that drive you into overwhelm

  • Come away with actionable strategies that will help you to build your determination, speak more assertively, feel more confident 

Program includes meditations on: Clarifying your Intentions, 

Building your Focus and Strengthening your Resolve

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What would your life be like and how would you feel if you were never worried about what others would think and just spoke your mind in a clear, respectful way?

How would your relationships improve once you cleared up old misunderstandings and found the lines of communication open and past difficulties dissolved? How much more comfortable and at ease you would feel!

When will it be time to take the next step and leap forward so that your future is so much more satisfying than your past? !


May you find your way through the most challenging of times with confidence and faith, trusting your intuition

to guide you to a better place, on Your Amazing Journey! 

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To your growth, healing and transformation,

                                          Joan Stenzler