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Events and Workshops

Introducing the Premiere Offering of:


  Fresh Meadows Wellness Center

184-17 Union Turnpike

Fresh Meadows, NY  11366

Sunday December 3, 2017

from 1-4 pm


This remarkable mini-retreat is offered live and online including:

              1. Three-Hour Live Interactive Group Experience creates sacred space 

              for sharing personal stories, spiritual exploration and profound shifts in
              awareness. Using meditation, yoga and “the power of being seen” 
              we’ll tap into body-mind wisdom for profound insight & healing.


              2. Three Days of Audio Inspirations delivered to your in-box to set

              the tone and help you to prepare for this amazing journey together.

              FR*EE Meditation CD that teaches the essence of successful practice

              and includes a 10 minute guided meditation experience.

              3. FR*EE Meditation CD that teaches the essence of successful practice                   
              and includes a 10 minute guided meditation experience


              4. Personal Mindfulness Journey Exploration to help integrate what you

               have learned (online and prerecorded)


              This work will help you to make cosmic shifts in consciousness and enable 
              you to tap into your own inner wisdom, become more intuitive, insightful
              and more compassionate toward yourself and others.


              For when we remain conscious of even the most challenging situations,

              it enables us to understand them better and find situations to complex
              problems, that used to baffle us
. And when we can do so, our confidence

              soars enhancing our ability to relax and let go…

              Be one of the first 6 people to register and SAVE $ 25 off your program fee

              and pay $ 160. (Regular fee is $ 185)

              To register now, go to: 


               This program is currently being offered as a breakthrough retreat experience to a
                 select group of people I am already working and is open to the pubic at this time. 


               To learn more about my holistic psychotherapy practice,  feel free to contact
               me at 646-250-5379 or my e-mail .

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