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Welcome back! 

So glad you'll be a part of:
 The Ultimate    Confidence Generator


Let Master Empowerment Coach Joan Stenzler help you to determine what's causing your flagging level of confidence, why certain situations are so difficult to handle and what you can do to become an accomplished and unflinching truthteller, decision-maker and chart a course to achieve your vision and unimagined dreams, on your amazing journey! 

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 This is a special page for you, the founding members of
The Women's Empowerment Incubator!


Join me on an AMAZING JOURNEY to awaken 
the magnificence that lies within you! 


8-Week Women's Empowerment Incubator Series

Weds, Dec 2- Jan 27, 2020 (no session 12/23)

for Wise and Inspiring Women (of all ages)


REGISTER NOW!  (PayPal button is below)

The Ultimate Confidence Generator includes:

  • Eight intimate experiential online retreat sessions (12 hours in total)

  • Thought-provoking written exercises that heighten awareness and group focus

  • Profoundly intimate break out groups where being authentic and speaking your truth is safe, encouraged and welcome

  • An amazing, supportive community of wise and inspiring women where healthy connections are nurtured and everyone is there to help one another to grow

  • A celebratory gathering of women to acknowledge courage, motivation, progress persistence and success!

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thank you for registering for: 


The Ultimate Confidence Generator

(part of the Women's Empowerment Incubator) 


ENJOY THESE BONUSES: So glad you've decided to continue on this AMAZING JOURNEY to create a warm, welcoming community of wise, inspiring women!

BONUS # 1: Your Personal Confidence Assessment Session with Joan (45-60 mins)

This is an essential gift that helps you identify areas to focus on during program! 


BONUS # 2: Three Reasons Why Avoiding Conflict Can End Up Cause It

This is an article by Joan about how avoidance ends up making things worse

BONUS # 3: Exclusive Video Lesson on Being Confident, Truthful and Kind

This powerful recorded message will help you to understand the importance of marrying compassion with honesty to make your relationships more authentic

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There's no time like the present to be who you've always wanted to be!


$ 600 for 8 weeks of retreat-quality learning, sharing and engagement

with like-minded women. showing up to listen, uplift & support you!

To register with a single payment, just click below:

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Please contact me if you would like to pay the registration fee in 2/3 payments and I will send you an invoice that will allow you to do so.

I would like a minimum payment of $ 200 initially
with the remaining balance  completed by  January 13


I will be available by email and phone over the Thanksgiving Weekend! or 646-250-5379

Thank you and have a wonderful day!


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