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Testimonials about Joan

The following are actual testimonials from my patients and workshop clients about what
I am like to work with and their experience of my unique holistic psychotherapy practice. 

Working with Joan each session is a gift I give myself.  I wasn't wired to share my story easily and yet, in the comfort of her office, I find myself opening up and unraveling layers that seem to have been hidden from me. Through her compassionate nature, she has guided me to gain new perspectives about myself and my relationships with others.


One of the things I love about working with Joan is her holistic approach. She offers  helpful tips for problem solving, varying points of view to explore, and what I find to be very powerful-- somatic experiencing. I've been working with her for several months and I can honestly say my world has been completely transformed in so many ways for the better. Thank you Joan!       Kathy C. 

The first conversation I had with Joan was over the phone. Which I think is pretty great since no one should have to pay upfront before speaking with a potential therapist. What I liked about our sessions is that I never felt like a "patient". Our sessions felt more like conversations that lead me to discover new and old things about myself that I might not have discovered on my own. Joan provides a safe and confidential space free of judgement. I highly recommend her, especially if this is your first time speaking to a therapist.  Ayana L. 



When I found Joan I was looking for help with not only understanding why I felt the way I did but also figure out how to deal with and work through these feelings. I have been seeing her for over a year and I am so glad I found her. She not only is very well versed in psychology, using S.E. other techniques but also takes a holistic approach.


Like recommendations on meditation, body-centered techniques and powerful books to read. Which I feel has been very helpful. She helps me work through the day to day stuff as well as digging deeper in to my past which helps me understand why life can feel so challenging sometimes. I feel like I have made leaps and bounds in her hands and I am so grateful. Thank you so much Joan.  Christopher H. 

I found Joan through an online search as she met the criteria for what I was looking for in a therapist as she also incorporates Somatic Experiencing. From the first time I spoke with Joan on the phone, I had the feeling that Joan was going to be a good fit for me.


Her understanding of my own situation, my own health issues and her compassion really helped to soothe me and make me feel vulnerable enough to open up and share with her. She has an incredibly nurturing presence and there was something about each session that helped me to feel calm and that calmness was something I was able to take into my daily life in practice.


I have a tendency to jump to the worst case conclusions about my life as I have lived with insecurity and feeling unsafe for quite a long time in the past. Yet, Joan made me feel, most importantly, safe. Joan has a thorough understanding of the nervous system and incorporates mindfulness into her work in a way that allowed me to step out of the anxiety that I was often experiencing and take an observer role. I highly recommend Joan.    Derek M. 

Joan is a very caring and supportive individual. She tries her best to make her patients feel comfortable talking to her no matter what the situation is. Joan has helped me through some of the hardest times in my life. She offers extra care by calling and reaching out during a time of crisis in order to make sure you are alright. She uses many techniques in order to help you look deeper into yourself and grow and improve as a person. For example, cognitive behavior therapy, meditation and doing some work deep inside the body. In addition, she is very easy to talk to. If you're looking for someone who is hardworking and good at what she does you should set up an appointment with Joan.   S.K.

Feedback from past group participants:

“This was a very profound experience. Each session built on the session before it, culminating with the Metta (loving kindness) meditation which was amazing!” Joan is a professional and an excellent teacher.”
Peter L, Pharmacist and Body-Centered Healer

“ At first skeptical, I found this to be a powerful experience in helping me deal with a difficult life situation. Joan is a warm, caring, exceptional teacher!”  M.S. Caregiver- retired

“My experience of the program was very positive and beneficial! Joan’s manner of engaging with group participants was very warm, welcoming and compassionate.”   P.P. , Outpatient Program Director


To speak with Joan and schedule your FREE phone consultation, please call 516-522-0573 

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