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Insights into the Courage to Change

Make positive change a reality by strengthening these 7 motivational qualities.

Each one has a letter (A-G) that corresponds to a question in your assessment.

Read through the description given for each quality.

Then, refer to your assessment responses on which you scored a 3 or less, to identify

the qualities that you need to strengthen, to become successful at making positive change!

Seven Essential Motivational Qualities

    Question A measures your level of Engagement: 

To be engaged means being present for what is happening now, whether it is comfortable or not, easy or challenging and whether you like it or not. When people are able to be in the moment, without being pulled away by distractions, they notice what is happening and can get a more accurate picture of the situation they are experiencing.

     Question B measures your level of Encouragement:

When we are encouraged by a person or situation, we feel uplifted and motivated to “stay in the game” to “keep at it” and keep going, even if circumstances are tough or discouraging.  

The quality of encouragement helps us to maintain a positive attitude and give us is a reason to remain hopeful about ourselves, others and  the future.

    Question C measures your level of Inspiration: 

When we are inspired by something that we experience, we are energized about a person, place or circumstance. This in turn enables us to perceive possibilities for change that may not have been apparent to us before and now that we recognize this, our understanding of what is happening can shift and enable us to find new ways to approach and resolve the matter at hand.


    Question D measures your level of Responsiveness 

Being responsive means that you can be open, take in what is happening and in a short time, react to it in a receptive and supportive manner. You have the ability to witness the flow of what is happening and jump back into it when the moment calls and when you are needed.

You are someone who is flexible and willing to adjust in a way that is both supportive of yourself and the situation.

     Question E measures your level of your Consistency: 

When you are consistent in your own life, you continue to take positive steps forward and see yourself moving closer and closer to achieving your dreams!

To be consistent, you need to be dependable, reliable and someone to be counted on to come through, even in the most challenging situations.

     Question F measures your level of Persistence: 

Persistence requires a level of discipline that can stand strong even when you are feeling discouraged, uncertain or unmotivated to keep going. You just keep at it day after day, as best as you can and keep your eyes on the prize,
the end game in your life. Someone who is persistent will find a way to keep at it no matter what else is happening.

(NOTE: Persistence is different than being stubborn because it requires flexibility while doing what is needed and a willingness to change direction, if and when it is called for, on the path to positive change.) 

    Question G measures your level of Resilience: 

The most successful people in the world are those who have been able to  stay focused, come from behind, get up when they are knocked down, recalculate when thrown off, then get back in the game. Takes a licking and keeps on ticking!

Become more assertive, confident and successful in your life!

“It's one thing to recognize change you'd like to make, 

it's another to know how to make it happen!”

Now there’s a way for you to boost your resolve,

skyrocket your ability and transform your circumstances.

So that your future becomes a place where possibilities become reality

and wishes are fulfilled often and to your great satisfaction!

Contact me at 516-522-0573 to schedule your FREE 20 minute phone consultation

to discuss your assessment and receive insights into your COURAGE TO CHANGE!

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