I am a holistic psychotherapist and integrate many approaches when working with my adults and committed couples.  

I meet with patients on a weekly basis to explore their concerns and help them to gain insight into what may be interfering with their sense of happiness, well-being and peace. Emphasis is always on how to make positive changes possible. 

Patients learn practical techniques and  life-enhancing strategies for managing stress and emotional dis-ease in their lives.  

Sessions consist of open-ended discussions, guided talks and conversations focused on a specific problem or concern.  

As a holistic psychotherapist I integrate several therapeutic approaches and concepts into my work including


  • Cognitive behavioral therapy, infused with a mindfulness-based orientation to healing

  • Yoga psychology- a paradigm on the many levels of human consciousness and change 

  • Meditation philosophy- being with what is happening and learning to remain present to ones wisdom, intuition, creativity and inspiration, so that deeper insights can emerge and create positive shifts in belief, thought, feelings and behavior 

  • Conscious breathing techniques from yoga meditation and somatic modalities that are powerful tools for quickly creating a more comfortable experience of being in the body and helping to stabilize the vague nerve and limbic system.

  • Somatic Experiencing (SE)- A gentle, body-centered approach to healing and transformation that helps patients tap into the natural rhythms of the nervous system and use them effectively to access and resolve difficult and traumatic situations.(For a more detailed description of SE, CLICK HERE)

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NOTE: We are not directly on insurance panels because they often reduce confidentiality and limit
our ability to practice in an individualized fashion to provide you with the best care possible. 


Many patients find that their  "out of pocket” expenses working with me are comparable or close to what they would pay when working with an in-network provider (after receiving insurance reimbursement.)

Patients who have an out of network benefits for psychotherapy, pay me and get reimbursed for my services from their insurance company.


I do not process any insurance claims. It is the patient's responsibility to do so, once deductible has been satisfied. I provide patients with a paid receipt and assist them with completing the initial claim form, if needed. Patients take care of filing any claims to get reimbursed. 

After the deductible is covered, patients can submit a claim form to their insurance company, along with
all paid receipts. As of the middle of March, when NY residents were told to shelter in place, insurance companies began to cover (reimburse) patients for psychotherapy sessions online.

PATIENTS PLEASE NOTE:  Check with your insurance carrier to find out what codes need to be used on the claim form for tele-mental health. Unless this new coding is included, you won't get reimbursed.  6/20/2020 




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  • Expressing yourself in an assertive and respectful way that will maximize the chances of being heard

  • Being able to express your discomfort about something your partner is doing that really bothers you


  • Discussions on disciplining your children and how different approaches can be beneficial

  • Finding ways to share parental responsibilities and divide up tasks like homework, after-school activities

        Family Issues:

  • Deciding in what ways to interact as a family with each other and what activites to involve children in

  • Determining what and on what occasions and in what ways to get together with extended family members 


  • Being able to find time to be together as a couple without anyone else. Creating regular "date nights."

  • Understanding the life stress that prevents couples from having the opportunity or interest in intimacy/sex

You and your partner/spouse can resolve problems, reestablish trust and reconnect in love!

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Support for Your Journey

Therapy groups offer an effective approach to healing and enhancing well-being using the power of the group process to help growth and transformation to become possible. 


​Therapy sessions are open-ended  discussions that offer participants an opportunity to share experiences, get support  from others and enhance their perspective and decision-making, in a safe, healing atmosphere.

Wellness programs are offered on a variety of subjects including: 

                                                Meditation: The Path to Emotional Freedom

                                                Great Ways to Manage Stress So It Won't Manage You

                                                The Courage to Change Your Mind- Transformational Retreat

                                                Conscious Communication: Becoming and Expert at
with Others for More Satisfying Relationships


In either a therapy or wellness group, support becomes an essential part of entering into the change process, learning to master new skills, to make better choices and improve the quality of one's life. Group members share their experience, with expert guidance, support and facilitation. 


Sharing is done one person at a time. Each member is guided to focus on themselves. Feedback is encouraged as long as it is respectful and constructive. Group members agree to respect and maintain confidentiality where personal stories and reflections are shared. 

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In addition to being a holistic psychotherapist, I'm a Professional Level Yoga Teacher,  with a 500-hour Certification to teach yoga to individuals and groups. And I have been teaching for the past 18 years. 

I offer one to one yoga sessions at my practice office. Sessions run 75-90 minutes and begin with an individual assessment of the student's health and physical condition and discussion of the person's past and present involvement doing exercise physical activity and exercise.


For those interested in developing their own yoga practice at home, I will custom design a yoga program that enables students to improve flexibility, increase strength, range of motion and gain maximum benefit!

To discover the unique ways that yoga is of benefit to you 
and design your own individual practice,
call Joan at 5
16-522-0573 about scheduling a yoga therapy session

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