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Hello! I am a communication specialist, motivational mentor and empowerment coach.
I've been in practice over 30 years and began as a holistic psychotherapist, with adults and couples.

Four years ago, at the start of the pandemic, I created and introduced my online holistic learning center, Your Amazing Journey, where I teach live empowerment programs for women that focus on personal growth, Spiritual attunement and life transformation. 

While I continue to see new clients in my psychotherapy practice on a limited basis,  most of my work today is focused on providing motivational and empowerment coaching in individual sessions with adults and as part of my Women's Empowerment Incubator © program and service offerings. 

To find out more about my empowerment programs and services and my holistic approach to psychotherapy, schedule a FREE 30 minute phone consultation at:

Individual tx


(Download your FREE copy of Joan's Couple's Questionnaire)


  • Expressing yourself in an assertive and respectful way that will maximize the chances of being heard

  • Being able to express your discomfort about something your partner is doing that really bothers you


  • Discussions on disciplining your children and how different approaches can be beneficial

  • Finding ways to share parental responsibilities and divide up tasks like homework, after-school activities

      Family Issues:

  • Deciding in what ways to interact as a family with each other and what activites to involve children in

  • Determining what and on what occasions and in what ways to get together with extended family members 

  • Intimacy: 

  • Being able to find time to be together as a couple without anyone else. Creating regular "date nights."

  • Understanding the life stress that prevents couples from having the opportunity or interest in intimacy/sex

You and your partner/spouse can resolve problems, reestablish trust and reconnect in love!

To speak with me, schedule your FREE phone consultation by clicking on the link below:

Couples Therapy

Support for Your Journey

Personal development and empowerment groups offer an effective approach to helping you to heal, grow and transform using the power of group process to help make it possible. 


​Programs consist of open-ended  discussions that offer participants an opportunity to share experiences, get support  from others and enhance their perspective and decision-making, in a safe, healing atmosphere.


Wellness programs are offered on a variety of subjects including: 


  • The Women's Empowerment Incubator

  • Meditation: The Path to Emotional Freedom

  • How to Manage Stress So It Won't Manage You

  • The Courage to Change Your Mind- retreat program

  • Conscious Communication for More Satisfying Relationships


In either a therapy or wellness group, support becomes an essential part of entering into the change process, learning to master new skills, to make better choices and improve the quality of one's life. Group members share their experience, with expert guidance, support and facilitation. 


Sharing is done one person at a time. Each member is guided to focus on themselves. Feedback is encouraged as long as it is respectful and constructive. Group members agree to respect and maintain confidentiality where personal stories and reflections are shared. 


To speak with me about the transformational programs I offer, click below:

Group Tx and Wellness

© 2024 Created by Joan Stenzler, LCSW, SEP

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