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Courage to Change Self-Assessment Results


Finding your Level of Courage to Change: 

Look at your TOTAL SCORE and find the rating associated with it below.

Then read through the findings of your assessment to see where you fall on the Courage Scale.


Your Courage to Change Scale:

        7-12:   You have reasons to be concerned and have great difficulty making changes in your life. 

        13-18: Your capacity to change is inconsistent and you have a lot more work to do to become stronger.

        19-24: You’ve obviously worked hard to develop yourself but still have a way to go. Stay encouraged! 

        25-30: You’re getting there and getting stronger every day. Keep up the good work!


        30-35: Congratulations! You are strong, motivated and inspired to be the best you can be!

"If your score is lower than you expected, take heart!


On the next page, I'll share powerful principles that are key to building inner resources, improving motivation and strengthening your ability to make positive, transformational change a reality! 

Click below to learn where your strengths lie and in what areas

you need to focus in order to improve your COURAGE TO CHANGE!

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