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The Courage to Change Self- Assessment

This assessment measures your capacity to handle challenging situations,

evaluates your ability to adjust to them and find the courage to make changes

Read the statements and rate your strength in each area with a point score from 1 to 5.
It's important to be accurate as possible so the results provide you with beneficial feedback.

Scroll down below, click on the download link and print out the assessment.
Then fill it out by scoring each statement listed. Then add up your total score.


Keep your completed paper copy with you as you move forward on the site
to interpret your results and learn what will strengthen your courage to change.


1- Not true at all      

2- Seldom true     

3- Occasionally true      

4- Often true      

5- Absolutely true

A. . You are able to see what’s going on in challenging situations and remain emotionally present.  _____

B.   You find reasons to feel grateful and motivated to keep moving forward  ____

C   .You find beauty and wonder in the midst of life’s struggles. They uplift and inspire you to keep going. ____


D.   You recognize when you’ve made a mistake, are able to admit it and change direction  ____


E.   When something needs to be done, you can be counted on to follow through ____

F.    Even when things get more difficult or frustrating, you keep at it. ____

G.    You bounce back from adversity, regain your balance and adapting in new and creative ways _____

DOWNLOAD A COPY NOW of the Courage to Change Assessment and fill it out. 

Read each statement and select a number (1-5) that represents how true it is for you

Add up your score and click the button to find out your level of Courage to Change: 

My total score for this Assessment is _________

This assessment was designed by Joan Stenzler, LCSW as a helpful tool for determining your capacity for change and to help you identify the areas on which you need to focus, in order to make successful change possible

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