The   Women's Confidence Incubator
You're welcome to join us
for this Dynamic Group Experience!

Let Master Empowerment Coach Joan Stenzler help you to determine what's causing your lower level of confidence, why certain situations are so difficult to handle and what you can do to become an accomplished and unflinching truthteller, decision-maker and chart a course to achieve your vision and unimagined dreams, on your amazing journey! 

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 Join Joan as she guides you on an AMAZING JOURNEY
as you awaken the magnificence that lies within you! 


THE women's conFidence incubator
An 8-Week Women's Empowerment Program
beginning on Wednesday February 2- March 23, 2022
from 6:30-8 pm on Zoom

Registration opens on Friday January 14 at 5 pm

The Women's Confidence Incubator includes:

  • Eight intimate experiential online retreat sessions (12 hours in total)

  • Thought-provoking written exercises that heighten awareness and group focus

  • Powerful break out groups where being authentic and speaking your truth is safe, encouraged and welcome! Respect for one another is central to our success

  • An amazing, supportive community of wise and inspiring women where healthy connections are nurtured and everyone is there to help one another to grow

  • A celebratory gathering of women to acknowledge courage, motivation, progress persistence and success!

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The Ultimate Confidence Generator

(part of the Women's Empowerment Incubator) 


 You'll receive these added bonuses, as my thanks for taking a leap of faith
and joining this warm, welcoming community of wise, inspiring women!

BONUS # 1: Your Personal Confidence Assessment Session with Joan (45-60 mins)

This is an essential gift that helps you identify areas to focus on during program! 


BONUS # 2: Three Reasons Why Avoiding Conflict Can End Up Cause It

This is an article by Joan about how avoidance ends up making things worse

BONUS # 3: Exclusive Video Lesson on Being Confident, Truthful and Kind

This powerful recorded message will help you to understand the importance of marrying compassion with honesty to make your relationships more authentic

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There's no time like the present to be who you've always wanted to be!

If you are unsure if this program is for you, ask yourself:

Q: What if I could communicate so effectively, that no challenge was too hard to face? 

A:You could clear away past resentments and resolve long-standing issues with ease

Q: What would it be like for me to feel so confident that no opinion or attempts to influence me otherwise, could stop me from moving forward or knock me off course?
A; Your goals would become accomplishments and your dreams transformed into reality!

Q: What if I could easily access my intuition and let it guide me in my life every day?
A; You could easily recognize what feeds your Soul and steer clear of situations that don't serve your Highest Good, making your life a series of incredibly exciting, inspiring and highly fulfilling moments And you would feel so incredibly confident!

Q: What if I could boost my confidence, elevate my beliefs and strengthen my intuition?

A: You would feel so much more open, loving and grateful you. Life would become so much richer and you'd be the creator of your own amazing, transformative experience! 

What if there were a place where I could open my heart, share my vision for fulfilling the personal, professional and financial reams I've longed for and do so with support of other wise women who were eager to listen, willing to understand and ready to support your path to success, on Your Amazing Journey?


Well there is such a place and I’d love to have you join me there!

You're invited to participate in a unique, powerful women’s group that helps build confidence, strengthen intuition and makes it possible to become an unflinching truthteller, decision-maker and visionary creator from now on!


The Ultimate Confidence Generator:

Dates to be announced for the Fall.


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Payment Plan:
Register by SAVINGS OF $ 120
when you register by, January 31

4 payments of $ 220 @ 3 weeks 

Please contact me with questions about the Ultimate Confidence Generator  program, payment options or to schedule a FREE Phone Consultation at: or 516-522-0573

Thank you and have a wonderful day!