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10 Harmful Habits that Create Conflict and Block the Flow of Healthy Communication

THIS QUIZ WILL HELP YOU DETERMINE HOW WELL YOU COMMUNICATE: Use this quiz to evaluate your own or another's ability to communicate.

Write yes next to responses that apply to you. Add one point for each yes and total your score. Then see where your score falls in the interpretation section below.

(To evaluate communication of someone with whom you are in relationship, place a √ mark next to responses that apply, total score and follow directions above)

__ 1. Insisting on being right, instead of trying to find common ground.

__ 2. Not being willing to meet others halfway, to try and find compromise.

__ 3. Minimizing how others feel and focusing only on your own experience

__ 4. Using guilt to manipulate and control others, by making them feel bad

__ 5. Reacting with impatience when asked to look at or change one’s behavior.

__ 6. Using sarcasm as a way to deflect away from what is really happening.

__ 7. Pretending not to hear what the other person has said, to avoid arguing

__ 8. Poking fun, teasing or mocking that gets out of hand and becomes hurtful.

__ 9. Voicing a complaint about another in response to hearing negative feedback

about yourself, instead of just listening and acknowledging what you heard __ 10. Having trouble seeing or admitting the hurtful effect you’ve had on someone else and being willing to apologize and correct your response in the future.

After reading each questions, add one point for each response with which you can relate, then total and see where your score falls in the interpretation section below.

1-3: You are pretty good at communicating but have a few problem areas that need brushing up.

4-7: You have several communication problems that are already negatively effecting the quality of your relationship. It will only get worse unless you earn to do things differently right away. 8-10: Your responses can potentially damage your relationship beyond repair! But take heart, YOU CAN TURN THIS AROUND by replacing old habits with healthier ones that work and rebuild trust, strengthen connection and increase satisfaction!


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