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12 Qualities Needed to Build Strong Connection and Create an Open, Satisfying Relationship

To see how strong your relationship is, use this assessment to rate your partner's positive qualities and your own. Then review the results for each one to see where your strengths lie and what areas might need your attention.

This assessment can also be used to rate someone's positive potential for being a suitable, supportive partner.

Instructions: Consider each quality and give one point for each one that applies. When finished, add up the score

and refer to the additional directions at the bottom to rate the person's overall potential.

  1. Positive attitude and outlook

  2. Having similar values and beliefs

  3. Respect for personal differences

  4. Generosity of time and yourself

  5. A recognition that no one is perfect

  6. Willingness to admit your mistakes

  7. Ability to engage in active listening

  8. Flexibility- ability to change direction

  9. Having faith in other’s good intentions

  10. Taking personal responsibility and action

  11. Resiliency-Bouncing back from challenges

  12. Willingness to try new approaches till one works

Rating relationship potential:

(Count up the number of qualities that you another person possesses,.then refer to rating scale below.)

1-4: You have reason for concern as many important qualities are missing

5-8: You have some strengths on which to build but still have work to do

9-12: Your relationship has a strong foundation with potential to get even better!

For those already in a committed relationship: Any qualities that you found to be either inconsistent or not present, are areas to pay attention to and try to focus on strengthening, if possible.

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