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A Dozen Meaningful Ways that Conscious Listening Can Help Improve Your Relationships

So this is a topic near and dear to me. Since I was a child, I have always be drawn to certain people and found my time really meaningful when we were together, They were relatives, neighbors and friends. Younger or older than me, it didn't matter.

I loved learning about them, found doing so fascinating and especially appreciated when they took an interest in me and wanted to hear what I was doing and how I felt about things happening in the world.

What I have come to realize is what they all had in common: they were great listeners, people who were really interested in getting to know and appreciate others, despite and especially when, they were different, unique and special.

They all possessed what seemed at the time to be a magical quality, the ability and desire to just pay attention, mostly in silence. The benefits of doing so were tremendous then and are still true today within all sorts of relationships.

While I'm sure there are more, here are a dozen I've come up with that can literally transform people's lives.


A Dozen Meaningful Ways that Conscious Listening Can Definitely Help Improve Your Relationships

  1. It helps you to discuss and resolve misunderstandings.

  2. It's a gift when someone is willing to be present and quiet.

  3. It gives us the chance to express our feelings and opinions.

  4. By simple listening, you’re treating one another with respect.

  5. It is a great way for others to get to know you and you, them.

  6. It’s one of the most meaningful things someone can do for us.

  7. Conscious listening helps to create trust and emotional safety.

  8. It makes it possible to talk about and solve complex situations.

  9. It can help you to feel really seen, appreciated and understood.

  10. It helps us/others to feel that someone is really paying attention.

  11. When you listen, you show others that what they’re saying matters.

  12. It gives us a way to develop and strengthen our close relationships.

This blog post is about importance of Conscious Listening, one of the topics in Joan's powerful upcoming program:

Conscious Communication: Learn to Become an Expert at Connecting with Others for More Satisfying Relationships

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