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10 Common Reasons People May Listen Less Carefully than they Might Realize

While you probably know this already, here is a list of common causes for you/another person to not be able

to really listen. Although they may not be doing this intentionally, it's frustrating nonetheless.

When we are able to focus,concentrate and pay attention. it really helps us to connect with others and them with us.

While it can happen to the best of us, when we make a conscious effort to keep our conversation partner on our mind and practice conscious listening, everything goes better and our relationships inevitably improve!

10 Reasons People May Listen Less Carefully then They Might Realize

People are less able to tune in and really hear what you are saying because they are:

1. Busy or preoccupied.

2. Overwhelmed and overloaded

3. Tired, stressed and overextended

4. Multi-tasking and doing too many things at once.

5. In need of more adequate social/emotional support

6. Dealing with a challenging personal situation (or crisis)

7 Distracted and not able to focus on what is happening now.

8. Not very skilled at listening carefully. No one ever taught

him/her how to pay attention and focus on listening to others

9. In high pressure roles at work or in business with many different and changing priorities to keep track of every day

10. Working regularly with the public and doing so has effected their ability to be patient, compassionate and able to really listen.


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